How to Refinish Wood Furniture

Wood furniture is durable, beautiful, and only gets better with age. If you have solid wood furniture in your home but aren’t thrilled about the color stain or varnish on it, don’t take the piece to the curb just yet. You can refinish that wood furniture piece and give it a whole new look and […]

How To Prep For Painting With A Spray Gun

Painting with a spray gun is a great way to speed up the job. Of course, a spray gun is not the most practical solution for all paint jobs, but it is ideal for new construction, exterior surfaces, and areas where you don’t need to worry about overspray. The tools and techniques that you use […]

How To Mask Off When Painting Your Exterior

Painting the outside of a home is much more difficult than painting the interior. This is partly because there is more surface area to cover, but also because much of the wall is harder to reach and it has a rougher texture. You also have to battle the elements (wind and rain), which can be […]

How To Prep For Painting Like A Pro

Painting interior drywall surfaces is one of the most manageable home improvement projects for DIYers.  In fact, painting the walls is fairly simple and quite self explanatory. However, there is a good deal of prep work that is necessary before you even begin to paint. If you have the right tools and supplies, along with […]

Varnish Vs. Polyurethane For Sealing Furniture

When you are painting an object, it is sometimes necessary to protect it from damage. If the object you are using will not be handled much, then you probably don’t need to worry about it getting scuffed and starting to fade. On the other hand, if you are painting or staining a chair or other […]

4 Reasons To Invest In Exterior Painting Services

If you’re looking to make some changes to your home, you may be considering investing in an exterior painting service. This can be a great way to make your home look even better without having to do much work yourself. A painting company can do a professional job quickly so that you get the changes […]

To Benefits Of Hiring A Commercial Painter For The Exterior Of Your Home

If the exterior of your home is in need of a fresh paint job, you might want to consider hiring a commercial painter for the job. To help you understand just why this might be the best thing for you to do, you will want to take a few moments to review the following key […]

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How To Choose A Painting Contractor

Choosing the right contractor for any job can be an overwhelming, complicated process. Picking the right painting contractor is no different. How can you go from general planning to a finished project, minimizing risk and maximizing satisfaction? First, have a clear idea of what the finished project should look like. What surfaces need to be […]

How To Paint Drywall Like A Pro

Painting drywall interiors is a relatively easy remodel. It is a great DIY project because it requires minimal tools and no special skills. It is even a project that you can get your family and children involved in. For most of the paint coverage, you will use a paint roller. This is definitely the easiest […]

How To Cut Out With Tape And Spackling Putty

The great thing about painting a room in your home is that it can completely transform that room (and everything in it). A fresh new paint job can cause a smart contrast with an old piece of furniture or rug (for instance), making it seem new. You can give any room a new lease on […]