How To Paint Drywall Like A Pro

20 October 2015
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Painting drywall interiors is a relatively easy remodel. It is a great DIY project because it requires minimal tools and no special skills. It is even a project that you can get your family and children involved in. For most of the paint coverage, you will use a paint roller. This is definitely the easiest part of the job. However, you need a little more care and skill to paint around the edges. This article explains the best way to paint clean and straight lines around the edges of your drywall.   

Taping Off

First, you want to thoroughly tape off all the edges. Trying to freehand without a tape line will usually result in wavy lines. You should not freehand your lines unless you are a skilled painter. You can get straight lines with painter's tape. You can use a long level to make sure the tape line is even straighter. Be sure to push the tape down very firmly, especially on the edge that you are painting.

Using Spackling Paste

In reality, even the best painter's tape will not give your perfect lines on textured drywall. Most paint will seep beneath the tiny gaps and crevices. This results in a splotchy line when the tape is removed. However, you can reinforce the tape line with lightweight spackling paste to create a cleaner line.

The trick is to spread the spackle over the applicable tape line. Use your finger (while wearing a latex glove) to spread spackle over the tape and wall. Just spread it right on the line and rub it away. You don't want to leave so much spackle on the wall that it alters the texture of the wall. By wiping most of the spackle away, you will be pushing it deeper into the tiny crevices and gaps beneath the tape. This basically fills the holes that the paint normally fills in.

Now, when you paint over the tape line, you will have much better results. When the tape is removed from the wall, it will leave behind a cleaner line with no paint underneath the tape. This simple extra step will essentially double the amount of time it takes to tape your walls. But, it is well worth investing a little extra time to make sure your lines are perfect.

Cleaner lines will make your entire paint job look like it was done by a professional interior painter.