How to Refinish Wood Furniture

30 January 2017
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Wood furniture is durable, beautiful, and only gets better with age. If you have solid wood furniture in your home but aren't thrilled about the color stain or varnish on it, don't take the piece to the curb just yet. You can refinish that wood furniture piece and give it a whole new look and new life to match with your décor. See below for wood-furniture refinishing tips and instructions.

Materials and Tools for the Job:

  • Deglosser
  • Sandpaper (fine grit and medium grit)
  • Clean rags
  • Stain or paint (in your choice of color)
  • Paint brushes


  1. Begin by taking your piece of furniture and removing the finish off of it. Use the deglosser to do much of the work for you. Follow the manufacturer's directions on the bottle of deglosser. Be sure to do this process outside or in a well-ventilated area, and wear rubber gloves when working with the deglosser.
  2. Next, use the medium-grit sandpaper to help remove more of the finish. If you have a small piece of furniture, you can sand it with a piece of sandpaper, but if you have a larger piece, you may want to invest in a palm sander (or rent one from a rental store). 
  3. When most of the finish is removed, use the fine-grit piece of sandpaper to help smooth the surface and even it out. 
  4. Wipe up the piece to remove the sanding dust using a damp cloth. Remove as much of the dust as possible. Allow your furniture to dry.
  5. Next, use your stain or paint to give your piece of furniture a new look. If staining, use your brush to wipe the color on, then wipe it off using a clean cloth. This method helps wipe the color into the wood. To darken the stain, add multiple layers of stain and continue to wipe it into the wood until it is the color you are trying to achieve. If you are painting the piece of furniture, you can use latex, acrylic, or chalk paint. If you are using latex or acrylic, it's best to use a primer to help give the paint something to adhere to. If you are using chalk paint, no primer is necessary, although you may want to follow up with a wax to give your piece a smooth surface rather than a chalky finish. Paint your furniture using thin coats and allow each coat to dry before attempting another coat. 

Refinishing wood furniture is fairly easy to do, although larger pieces or pieces that have a lot of decorative accents may take longer and require patience. Don't overlook solid wood furniture just because you don't care for the stain or varnish. Try refinishing it to give it new life. Visit sites such as for find wood-refinishing services if you don't want to do this job yourself.