The Two Besy Ways To Paint Exteriors

28 July 2017
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If you want to sell your home in the near future, a few simple remodels can be very useful. Exterior remodels have the most immediate impact because they draw potential buyers to your home. If the exterior is nice, new, and brightly painted, more people will want to come take a look inside. A new paint job is a project that you can do yourself, without hiring professional contractors. The most important decision to make when painting the outside of your home is whether you are going to use a spray gun or paint rollers. Both methods have certain drawbacks and advantages that you need to consider before beginning your job.

Using a Pneumatic Spray Gun

Using a  pneumatic spray gun is definitely the best approach if your home is brand new and unfinished on the outside. That is, if your windows or doors have not yet been installed and there is no landscaping around the perimeter of your walls, spraying your walls is the easiest way to get it done. Spray guns produce a lot of overspray and require a lot of preparation work. So, it is not always practical to use a spray gun when painting a home that is completely finished, landscaped, and being lived in. That being said, getting actual paint on the wall goes much quicker when you use a spray gun.

The best way to determine whether or not you should use a spray gun is to consider how much taping and masking off you will need to do to protect from overspray. If you don't think it will be time efficient to do all this masking off, you might want to consider just using paint rollers because they require a little less preparation work.

Using Paint Rollers

When you use paint rollers, you don't have to do as much prep work, but the paint goes onto the walls much slower. However, if you have three or four people painting with rollers at the same time, the painting time will be comparable to using a spray gun. If you have reliable, capable helpers, using paint rollers might be the best bet for painting your exterior.

Both methods will eventually yield the same results if you take your time and don't cut any corners along the way. You should make your decision based on which approach will be the most affordable and time efficient for your particular project. Contact a painting contractor, such as paintersplus, for more help.