Not Doing A Gender Reveal? 3 Painting Tips For Getting Their Nursery Prepared

30 April 2018
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When you're keeping the gender of your baby a surprise until they are born, it can be tough to figure out how to design their nursery so that it looks great by the time your baby arrives. If you're unsure of how to get started with choosing colors to incorporate into the nursery, it's best to start with painting.

With so many choices for colors to use for the walls, the following tips can come in handy for getting the nursery to be a gender-neutral space that you'll love caring for your baby in.

1. Choose Pastels in Neutral Shades

A wide variety of colors can be a great fit for the nursery, but certain shades can be more suitable for your baby than others. The best way to keep the nursery looking suitable for a baby is to choose pastels.

Pastel colors can be a much more suitable choice for infants without being too strongly catered to a boy or girl. Shades of green, yellow, and even red can be fantastic choices of colors that you can choose a lighter shade of so that the space feels soothing for your newborn.

2. Consider Having a Painted Mural Done

A fun way to add personality to the nursery is to have a mural painted. Having a mural put in the nursery can allow you to incorporate any style you like and add a lot of personality to the finished nursery. Some ideas for adding a mural to the nursery while still keeping the space gender-neutral is a jungle theme or hot air balloons. This can be a fun way to add some artistic detail to the nursery without making it too boyish or girly.

3. Try Out an Accent Wall Behind the Crib

If you're not interested in painting the entire nursery due to enjoying the neutral color the room already has, you may want to consider getting an accent wall done. Painting just a single wall behind the crib can be a great focal point and add some color.

Painting the nursery before your baby arrives is a great idea since it will allow the paint to dry fully and you won't need to worry about any painting fumes being harmful. When you're keeping your baby's gender a secret until they are born, you'll want to make some effort to keep the nursery as gender-neutral as possible. The above tips can help ensure that you're able to achieve this without a problem.

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