Invest In Interior Painting When Your Kid Moves Out For College

13 May 2019
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Once your child is all grown up and about to head off to college, you may realize that you are about to gain an extra bedroom in your home. However, you may not have any concrete ideas for what you want to do with the space once your kid moves out as summer comes to an end.

While you may not know what purpose it will serve in your home, you can start working on the bedroom by hiring a painting contractor to paint a number of features within the space.


When you start thinking about what to paint in the bedroom, you should not pass up the walls since they take up so much real estate. The color that you choose for the walls will likely have the greatest impact on the bedroom compared to any other feature that you can paint. So, this makes it worth putting the most time and effort into figuring out which color to choose.

If you want the bedroom to blend in with the rest of the house, you are best off matching the colors throughout the other rooms. However, you can go for a slightly different look while still blending in well by choosing a different shade or tint from the main color in your house.


If your kid's bedroom has trim, you will have a great opportunity to change the look of the space without having to add any new features. As long as the trim is in great condition, you should not have to worry about replacement or repairs and can get right into painting the trim a new color.

Going with a color that is drastically different than what you are painting the walls with is the easiest way to make both features stand out in the room. So, if you have white or cream-colored walls, going with gray or black trim will help the walls pop as soon as you walk into the bedroom.


When you look at houses in various neighborhoods, you will find some that make a statement by painting their front door in a bright and bold color. This is something that you may be interested in doing with your child's bedroom as a way to make the room stand out in the hallway. If you intend on keeping the door closed on most days, you will benefit from going with a bold color because you will notice it more than if you were to keep the door open during most hours.

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