Want To Transform Your Home Into An English Country Cottage? Ideas For You

23 July 2019
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While you may like in the United States, you might find yourself obsessed stylistically with all things English. Because of this, you may be hoping to transform your standard American house into a charming English country cottage, as much as you can. However, you may be stumped on how to accomplish that goal. Get to know some of the ways that you can transform your home into an English country cottage style. Then, you can get started with your home decor changes as soon as possible. 

Start with Your Walls

The best place to start when you are looking to make a whole home transformation is the area that will have the biggest impact. In most homes, that is the walls. English country cottage homes often use soft pastel colors on the walls to bring in the colors of nature into the home. 

For your country kitchen, for example, think of incorporating a soft, gentle yellow into your decor. For a sitting room or living room think pastel green or even pink. White or off-white walls are also acceptable as neutral backdrops in English country cottage homes, though you want to choose soft, soothing shades of white (rather than the brighter, harsher whites). 

To ensure that your wall vision comes to life, especially since you will likely need to paint most if not all rooms of your house, consider hiring a contractor offering professional painting services to help you complete your project. They will give you the quickest and best results. 

Use Florals and Plaids as Accents

While you may not think they go together, both floral patterns and plaids are used generously in English country cottages. They are even often found in the same room. One way to do this is to utilize florals in your curtains or tapestries and plaids as accent pillows or throws over furniture (or vice versa, of course).

could also opt for a floral patterned or plaid couch or chair in a room. Even bed linens in these patterns could help bring the feel of the space together. 

Just remember that these are accent pieces. You do not want the room to be too overwhelmed with bold colors or patterns. This could take away from the serenity that most of these authentic English country cottages cultivate. 

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can begin to transform your home into an English country cottage, you can begin the process right away.