4 Reasons To Use Semi-Gloss Paint

9 November 2019
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If you are painting a room in your home, you may be overwhelmed by your color choices. From different creams and beiges to a variety of new neutrals like blue, green, and grey, choosing one can seem impossible. Unfortunately, once you choose your color, you also need to choose the paint finish. Flat paint is popular because it adds a nice finish to the wall's surface. However, more and more people are seeing the benefits of semi-gloss paint finishes.

Moisture Resistant

If you are painting a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, a semi-gloss finish is your best option since there is an excess amount of moisture in these spaces.

High-humidity and high-moisture may seep in and discolor walls and other surfaces painted with flat paint. With semi-gloss paint surfaces, the moisture will not be noticeable. If any water splashes onto the painted surface, for example, you can just dry it off with a clean towel or cloth.

Easy to Clean

Another issue with flat paint finishes is keeping them clean. Scuff marks, dirt, mud, grease, and food splatters cannot just be washed off a wall painted in a flat paint – the wet cloth or sponge will leave behind water marks that are unappealing and challenging to hide.

The semi-gloss paint creates a durable shell on the wall's surface, allowing you to quickly and effectively wash off marks and splatters that will most likely occur throughout your home. From kitchens and bathrooms to mudrooms, bedrooms, and hallways, having this ability to clean off wear, dirt, food, and scuffs will be important.

Bright and Open Appeal

If your space is dark, a semi or high gloss paint finish is an ideal option to consider for the walls.

Light will shine onto the wall, reflecting off the glossy finish and bouncing through the space. This will help brighten up a dark and dull room, making it appear more inviting and open.

Of course, semi-gloss paint is not just for dark rooms – it can help create a bold and attractive statement when used in any room of the home.

Easy Application

Finally, semi-gloss paint finishes seem to be applied easier to surfaces than flat or matte paint finishes.

With flat and matte finishes, there is very little room for error, so your paint strokes should be even and thorough to reduce the risk of mistakes. Semi-gloss paint goes evenly on the walls and other surfaces without much effort.

For more tips, work with residential painting services in your area.