Three Reasons You Need Epoxy Floors In Your Business

19 June 2020
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Epoxy flooring is applied directly on top of the concrete subfloor, so there is no need for extensive preparation before installing. It consists of a hard resin that is mixed to your specific color requirements. The resin is applied to the floor and left to harden into a durable plastic. Generally, epoxy floors are quite cost-effective to install and to maintain, which makes them an excellent option for commercial applications. The following are three reasons why you should consider epoxy floors for your business.

1. Appearance

Most people are first drawn to epoxy floors because of their attractive appearance. When it comes to color, you have the entire rainbow to choose from — there are no limits like there can be with options like stone. Further, the way the epoxy is poured and applied also affects the final appearance. An epoxy floor can feature smooth and consistent color, or it may seem alive with embers, rolling clouds, and swirls, or even a wave-like appearance. Colors can be combined to further adjust the final look of the floor to meet your design aesthetic.

2. Durability

Any business requires a durable floor, especially those businesses that have a lot of customers, vendors, and staff traffic. Epoxy provides a durable option that can last decades even with heavy use. Epoxy can withstand mechanical trauma, such as dropped objects and even being driven upon. The protective coating on the epoxy guards against scratches. Most damages can simply be buffed out. A bit of resealing will then erase any sign that the damage even occurred.

3. Maintenance

A low-maintenance flooring option is a boon for any business. The material is naturally high shine, so it doesn't need the frequent buffing and polishing regimen that other flooring options require. Further, it's natural shine helps camouflage any minor damages that may occur. Since epoxy is applied as a solid surface with no tile joints, there are no crevices where dirt and grime may hide. Generally, all an epoxy floor requires is regular sweeping and mopping. Periodic deep cleaning to remove severe soil can be done annually. This is also a good time to have a fresh coat of seal applied to fill in any small abrasions that may have occurred.

Contact a commercial epoxy flooring service for more help today. They can provide assistance when it comes to choosing the perfect epoxy flooring style for your business.