Invest In Interior Painting When Your Kid Moves Out For College

13 May 2019
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Once your child is all grown up and about to head off to college, you may realize that you are about to gain an extra bedroom in your home. However, you may not have any concrete ideas for what you want to do with the space once your kid moves out as summer comes to an end. While you may not know what purpose it will serve in your home, you can start working on the bedroom by hiring a painting contractor to paint a number of features within the space. Read More 

Overhaul Your Kid’s Bedroom With Help From A Painting Company

8 March 2019
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When you first moved into your home, you may have known that it was not a turnkey property. While you may have started to come up with ideas for changing the house as soon as you moved in, this does not mean that you intended on handling all the projects at once. If you have been working on the house one project at a time and you are now ready to work on your kid's bedroom, you should consider hiring a residential painting company to help in numerous ways. Read More 

Deck Looking Rundown But No Money To Replace It? 3 Tips To Bring It Back To Life Again

8 January 2019
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If your deck is looking rundown and you do not have money to replace it, there are many things you can do to refresh your deck and make it look new again. Below are three of these things so you can get the work started. Fix Repairs The first thing to do is to fix any repairs that may need to be made. Remove everything from your deck, such as the furniture, and walk over and inspect everything. Read More 

How To Replace A Section Of Drywall And Make It Look Like The Rest Of The Room

23 November 2018
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You can paint over water damage now, but honestly, it is better to repair that part of your wall and then paint it. Yes, the latter is a longer, more tedious process, but it is one you can be truly proud of if you DIY it. To get you started, here are some basic instructions and tips. Check for Plumbing and Electrical Wiring Behind This Wall There is a good chance that this wall has damage because of a leaking pipe or dripping ceiling. Read More 

Residential Paint Tips for Homeowners

28 September 2018
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Being able to effectively care for your home will require you to have a thorough understanding about the needs of the various parts of the house. The exterior paint may be one of the things that you first noticed when driving up to your home, but it may a part of the home that is rarely addressed. Below are some things to keep in mind if about caring for your home's exterior paint. Read More