How To Cut Out With Tape And Spackling Putty

13 October 2015
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The great thing about painting a room in your home is that it can completely transform that room (and everything in it). A fresh new paint job can cause a smart contrast with an old piece of furniture or rug (for instance), making it seem new. You can give any room a new lease on life by repainting it. Painting is a great family project that can be done over the course of a couple of days. While you might want to get the whole family involved, you will want to do the "cutting out." Cutting out is the process of paint the edges along the walls and ceiling. It is often the most difficult and time consuming part of the entire job. This article explains how to cut out like a pro.

Don't Trust the Tape

Some people think that they just need to invest in high quality painter's tape. However, even the most expensive painter's tape is not sufficient if you want perfect lines. You will have much better luck it you use lightweight spackling putty, along with the tape.

Applying the Spackling Putty

The first step is to apply the tape along the applicable edges. To assist in keeping the tape lines straight, it can be helpful to have a yard stick or long level. Push the tape down firm so there are not air bubbles or creases along the line you are painting. Next, apply the spackling putty, or paste (same thing). Wear a latex glove to protect your finger when spreading the putty. Spread the putty over the entire tape line, just on the side you are going to paint over. Spread it as thinly as possible. You can basically wipe it on and then wipe it off immediately. The putty will force itself underneath the gaps in the tape line. These gaps are invisible, but they are a real problem on textured surface. Without putty, the paint will seep right underneath the tape, leaving behind a sloppy line.

Adding putty to your tape lines is a great way to get more professional looking lines. If your edges have straight lines, you entire paint job will look nicer. The majority of the painting can be done with rollers, so it goes by very quickly. However, it will all look less desirable if you do not take your time when it comes to cutting out. So, take your time and add some putty to your taped edges before your paint them.

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