How To Choose A Painting Contractor

20 October 2015
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Choosing the right contractor for any job can be an overwhelming, complicated process. Picking the right painting contractor is no different. How can you go from general planning to a finished project, minimizing risk and maximizing satisfaction?

First, have a clear idea of what the finished project should look like. What surfaces need to be finished? What color scheme would be best? It's also important to consider a project timeline -- does it need to be completed as soon as possible, or is this a longer-term renovation? Is this a multi-step process or are there other changes planned? Making some of these basic decisions before approaching contractors can make the entire process less stressful.

Next, begin researching contractors. There are probably many choices for painting contractors in most areas. How can a potential client weed out the undesirable options? Doing a bit of general research should be the first part of this step. An online search will likely provide a diverse list of many contractors, along with ratings and reviews from past customers. Spending some time reading these reviews is important -- past clients can provide a lot of insight into the quality of service provided by a contractor, especially if any of those clients was left unhappy after services. Word-of-mouth can also be a great way to determine if any contractor choices from the long list should be eliminated or receive special consideration.

After picking a few potential contractors, meet with each of them. Provide a good, detailed overview of your project and ask about their experience, availability, and policies. It is very important to ask for references or testimonials from previous clients at this stage. If possible, contact these previous clients for more information, or seek more specific customer ratings and reviews online. Carefully read any contracts provided by the contractor when you ask for project quotes. Choosing the right contractor is also a matter of security. Ensure that each potential contractor on the short list has the proper bonds and licenses to operate in your state. Find out about any insurance that may be relevant to the project (and review your own insurance policies). Accidents happen, but being prepared can alleviate a lot of the stress they cause.

After planning the project, searching and researching, and meeting with potential painters, it's time to choose a contractor. Ensure that they fully understand your vision of the finished project and thoroughly review any contracts and information they provide. 

Choosing a painting contractor can be messy and complicated, but following these steps can help to ensure that the process is smooth and beneficial for all parties. Contact a local outlet, such as APC Services, for further assistance.