Deck Looking Rundown But No Money To Replace It? 3 Tips To Bring It Back To Life Again

8 January 2019
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If your deck is looking rundown and you do not have money to replace it, there are many things you can do to refresh your deck and make it look new again. Below are three of these things so you can get the work started.

Fix Repairs

The first thing to do is to fix any repairs that may need to be made. Remove everything from your deck, such as the furniture, and walk over and inspect everything. If you see any loose nails, tighten them up. Look for water damage on the wood. If there is any damage, the wood will look like it is deteriorating and will be discolored, such as lighter than the rest of the wood. Also look for gaps in any of the wood. Over time, wood can shrink, which results in gaps appearing between the slats.

If you notice any deteriorating wood, you need to have the wood pieces replaced. You should hire a professional to do this for you. They can also repair any gaps if there are any. Hiring a professional will ensure the repairs are done successfully so your deck is safe for you and your family.

Seal the Deck

Once the repairs are made put a sealant on the deck. This will protect the wood from further damage. This will also help prevent splintering, which is beneficial if you have children. Before you put a sealant on the deck clean it well. Use a garden hose, mild cleanser, and a scrub brush to do this. Rinse the deck well to remove soap residue when finished. If the deck is dirty the sealant will not adhere well to it. Before you do anything let the deck completely dry.

Purchase a sealant made for decks at a home improvement store and follow the instructions on how to use it. In most cases you will apply the sealant with a brush starting at one end of the deck and moving your way down. You may need to apply more than one coating, letting the first coat completely dry before you apply the second one.

Paint the Deck

To make a dramatic difference in the way your deck looks you should paint it. You could choose a color that matches the color of your home or one that matches the color of your shutters.

Painting a deck is not difficult, but it will show if it's not done properly. Because of this, hire a professional painter, such as from Kendys Painting Inc, to paint the deck for you. They can also do this much quicker than you can. The painter may use a spray painter that will spray the paint evenly across the deck. If you paint the deck yourself, make sure you purchase the right type of paint. The paint store can help you do this.

Once you finish with these things,  purchase new furniture for your deck to complete the transformation.