Is Your Roof Coating Still Up To Scratch?

15 April 2021
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You may not even realize this, but your roof right now most likely has a coating of one kind or another that helps prevent it from aging. These roof coatings are almost always applied as soon as the roof is finished and need to be reapplied every few years to ensure that you get the most life out of your roof as physically possible. But how can you tell if you need a new roof coating now or if you can wait a little bit longer?  Here is a quick dive into the world of roof coatings and what it means for your home or business.

What Is A Roof Coating Anyway?

Before you can know if you need to replace your roof coating, you need to know what it is. The simple answer is that it is a protective barrier that can be made out of a bunch of ingredients from acrylics to polyurethane (plastics) and even reliable, older materials like tar and pitch. Depending on the type of material your roof is made out of, you will get a different sort of roof coating that matches it better and covers up the weaknesses it may have. Reminder, paint is not a roof coating but is almost entirely focused on the aesthetics of your house.

How Do You Know If Your Roof Coating Needs To Be Replaced?

Knowing when to call in the experts to repair or re-coat your roof is not always easy, especially if you cannot see the roof of your house from the ground level. If you can get a visual on the roof from a surrounding hill, then look for signs like paint chipping or a clear distortion in color. While your roof coating is not paint, when it is wearing off, it can take paint with it, making it easier for people to tell. If you can't see your roof at all, then you need to call in for a roof coating inspection anyway, just to be sure. 

How Long Does Roof Coating Take?

Once it is underway, coating your roof does not take very long at all, and most jobs will be done within a single day. These are best done on days with no rain, and it may have to be rescheduled if the weather does not allow for an even coating. Other than that, it is a very straightforward process that thousands of houses go through each year. Don't let yours fall into ruin when a roof coating is so easy to apply and has such a drastic impact.