4 Reasons Your Paint Often Peels

22 September 2022
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Do you always have to redo painting around your office because it always peels after a few weeks? There is always a reason behind peeling paint—if not addressed, you will waste time, money, and effort repainting your office, only for the paint to peel again. Here are common reasons your paint peels.

Mixing Incompatible Paints

Paints are chemical solutions; thus, some don't bond well and shouldn't be used together. You shouldn't mix latex and oil-based paint. So, before beginning to paint, decide on the best paint for your surface to avoid mixing them.

Latex paints are easier to apply and dry quickly. They are suitable for general areas like ceilings, while oil-based paint takes longer to dry, and their smell is more pungent. A commercial painter can recommend the best type of paint for your space.

Excessive Moisture

If you live in a hot area, there could be excessive moisture, which could be the reason behind the peeling paint. Paint and water don't go well, and moisture could result in paint chipping, flaking, and peeling. 

Water in the moisture will go through the coats of paint and separate it from the surface. Besides weather, moisture could be coming from water damage, for instance, leaks in plumbing, condensation, and humidity. 

Poor Painting Preparation

When painting your property, it is recommended to work with a commercial painting service. Amateurs or inexperienced painters may not be familiar with the proper painting preparation needed before painting.

Unfortunately, poor preparation is a common reason for peeling paint. The painting shouldn't be done on a dirty or wet wall. The primer you choose is also essential since different surfaces need different primers to ensure the paint lasts long. The equipment also plays a role. Using the wrong type of paint or brush size could result in the paint peeling.

Using Expired Paint

Sometimes, clients prefer buying their paint and calling commercial painters for the labor. While this is okay, most clients ignore checking the paint expiration dates. Since paint is a chemical, it does have an expiration date and needs to be used before expiry. When you use expired paint, its chemical bonds are weak; thus, it cannot stick on the walls and start peeling a few days later.

You want to send the right message to your customers, and a freshly painted wall can help improve the aesthetic value of your space. Peeling can turn an office into an unsanitary unattractive room and can also harm the occupants. Remember to work with a commercial painting company to avoid the above mistakes and prevent paint from peeling.