True Colors: Celebrating The Colors You Love In Interior Design

6 June 2023
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Are there certain colors that make you happy, but you hesitate to use them in your home's interior because they do not fit in with standard color rules? If so, it may be time to break free and get creative with your true colors. You will have a home that makes you happy, and you may even start a new color trend.

Show Off Your Unique Personality

Your home should reflect the personalities of the people who live there, and painting your interior in your favorite shade is a great way to show off your style. Let the kids pick their own colors for their bedroom walls. Do not worry if it does not match the rest of the house; instead, focus on allowing each person to express their creative side with color. 

Pick Your Top Three

What are the first three colors that come to mind if you had to list your favorite hues? Once you determine your top three, you can decide if you want to use one for the main walls, another for the ceiling, and one for the trim. Get several paint samples in your favorite colors and experiment with how they look together and how well they complement your floor and furnishings. 

For instance, maybe you chose teal, coral, and pink for your top three. Using teal for the ceiling, coral for the walls, and pink for the trim will give the room a cheerful look that is unique and playful. If you prefer to have the trim stand out more, you could choose pink for the ceiling, coral for the walls, and teal for the trim since it is the bolder of the hues.

Consider Your Wall Accents

If you are having trouble deciding which of your top three colors to use for the main walls in a room, let your wall accents help you decide. If you have a favorite painting as an accent piece, you can see which colors in the painting complement your color choices. The same goes for drapes, picture frames, faux flowers, and other accents.

Life is too short to live without the colors you love and enjoy. No matter how bold or bright a color is, there is always a way to incorporate it into your walls, ceiling, or trim. Letting go of the traditional rules about color and getting creative with your favorite hues is the secret to a great interior design style.

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